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Elektra Verve Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Be Free to Create.
Elektra Verve is the outcome of research. A style. A way to be that gives every coffee lover freedom to express themselves.
Cafes, homes, offices and even on tour. Elektra Verve can be used everywhere thanks to its extreme versatility.

The best of Italian design combined to give professional performance.

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The Elektra Verve is soon to be Elektra’s newest technologically innovative dual boiler espresso machine.  Elektra is hitting its 52nd year in the specialty coffee industry, and it is the perfect time to bring out a machine that is digital, stunning in design, and certainly capable of making the perfect espresso and milk based drinks.  The Elektra Verve features a PID, which allows you to program the temperature for both the coffee and steam boilers. Furthermore, you will be able to control the PID as well as other parameters with your smartphone!

The Elektra Verve has a beautiful stainless steel body and fine wood on the side panels as well as the knobs and 58mm portafilter. Although the espresso machine is a semi-commercial grade, it is very suitable to use in your home espresso bar. Additionally, the Elektra Verve will work wonders in your restaurant, coffee shop, or office all thanks to its high levels of adaptability!

Main Features:

  • Refined design and long lasting materials: stainless steel body + wooden side panels
  • Dual Boiler Technology: independent coffee and steam boilers
  • High Production dry Steam: high capacity stainless steel independent steam boiler
  • Flexibility: switch easily from main water line to the 5l integrated tank
  • Professional Components: rotary pump, professional saturated brew group and double scale pressure gauge
  • Smartphone User Interface: direct WI FI connection for all settings
  • Dual scale pressure gauge
  • Be Free to Create: adjust brewing temperature and pre-infusion time to create your own recipe from your smartphone
  • Steam Boiler Capacity 1.60 litres
  • Saturated Group Boiler Capacity 0.15 litres
  • Delivered with: 1 single portafilter with filter, 1 double portafilter with filter, 1 blind filter for cleaning, cup rack for cups, 1 flexible pipe per water main connection, drain pipe

Net Weight 27 kg

Power 1600 Watts

Measurements: 425 H x 380 W x 449 D

Warranty: One year parts and labour (back to base)

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Chrome, Copper/Brass