Eureka Mignon XL Grinder – Black

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EUREKA ORO, the golden future of coffee grinding.  The Eureka centenary heritage gave life to EUREKA ORO: a new generation of coffee grinders which is equipped with the latest technology and expression of the “State of the Art” in coffee grinding for any type of coffee preparation.

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Premium grinding quality, thanks to patented Diamond Inside burrs (65 mm) that preserve the optimal burrs sharpness longer than any others and ensure a more steady granulometry over time.

Unprecedented performance, ensured by the upgraded motor combined with the 65 mm burrs, for professional performances even at home (3 g/s).

Low retention system (approximately ± 0.2 g).

Maximum silence, thanks to the “Silent Technology” that allows to reach a unique grinding silence (about 60 dB).

“High Speed” maintenance, handy and easy, without losing the grinding setting.

All-purpose rubber coated fork for “Hands-Free” operations, suitable to any kind of filter holder (also naked) due to the special geometry and adjustable support.

Mignon Mat Kit supplied, for every barista who loves his Mignon and cleanliness on his counter.

Type: Flat
Diameter: 65 mm
Material: Diamond Inside (patented Eureka)

Touch Display: Yes
Dose counter: Yes

Traction: Direct
Revolutions per minute: 1650
Power absorbed: 320 watt

Continuous micrometric adjustment: Yes
ELR System: Yes
Silent Technology: Yes
ACE System: Yes
All-purpose Adjustable Hands-Free Fork: Yes
Mignon Mat Kit: Included
Hopper capacity: 300 gr
Productivity (g/s): 2,3 – 2,8

Height: 380 mm Width120 mm Depth180 mm
Weight: 7.2 kg

Chrome version also available $1,599.00

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 8 kg

Black, Chrome