Servicing and Repairs

Making great coffee at home requires your machine to be well maintained.

At Espresso Road we service and repairs domestic coffee machines and grinders (sorry not Sunbeam or Breville).  We stock thousands of parts for many makes and models.
Being without your coffee machine for your morning coffee is a pain so we aim to have the machine back to you within 5 to 7 days.

A typical service will include:

  • Replacing the group head seal and shower screen
  • Checking the safety valve and ant-vacuum valve for leaks
  • Checking and cleaning the level probe
  • Checking the hot water and steam valves
  • Inspecting and cleaning the group head valves
  • Back flushing the group head
  • Checking and adjusting the boiler pressure
  • Checking and adjusting the pump pressure
  • Descaling the machine (if required)
  • Electrical safety test and tag machine

Whether it is a tune up or a repair we are here to help.