Grouphead Cleaner Puly Caff 20g Sachet

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Use Puly Caff to clean your espresso machine to keep it in superb condition.

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To be used weekly as a grouphead backflush cleaner for commercial and domestic machines.  Use sparingly for domestic machines with a 3 way solenoid valve (only).
Also useful for removing coffee residue from portafilters.

Puly Caff is a premium espresso machine cleaner formulated to keep your espresso machine in superb condition. Developed over 50 years of manufacturing espresso machine cleaning products, Puly is the trusted name in espresso machine maintenance.

Regular cleaning maintains the quality of espresso
Use Puly Caff daily in your commercial espresso machine to backflush the group heads and clean portafilters, filter baskets, and shower screens.  Use Puly Caff weekly in your home espresso machine to backflush the group head and clean portafilters and filter baskets.

Contains 1 x 20g sachet.

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