Coffee Machine Care

How to clean the brew group

Learn how to clean the brew group on your espresso coffee machine to keep it clean and ensuring the best brew each time.

In this video, ECM shows you how to clean a brew group.
We are using a Mechanika IV Profi (rotary pump) – part of the ECM family.

You require: One blind filter and either ECM cleaning powder or ECM cleaning tablets.
01) Insert the blind filter into the portafilter.
02) Fill the cleaning solution into the blind filter.
03) Clamp the portafilter into the brew group. Repeat the following process 5 times: Start the flush. Lower the brew group lever half-way and let soak for 10 seconds. Lower the brew group lever slowly so remaining water can be flushed from the release valve.
04) Unclamp the portafilter and clean it.
05) Re-insert the portafilter and flush 5 times as shown.
06) Repeat the cleaning about every 150 cups brewed.


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