Coffee Machine Care

How to foam milk

Learn how to make the perfect milk foam to use in your freshly brewed espresso.


In this video, ECM shows you how to make perfect milk foam.
We are using a Mechanika IV Profi (rotary pump) and the S-Automatik 64 grinder – both part of the ECM family.

01) All types of milk may be used for foaming.
02) Use cold milk from the refrigerator.
03) Foam only as much milk as is required.
04) Prepare the espresso prior to foaming.
05) Shortly operate the steam function in order to release condensed water.
06) The nozzle should be right below the surface of the milk.
07) The pulling phase starts now: Foam volume is increased.
08) The rolling phase starts as soon as the volume has increased by half. Immerse the steam wand now.
09) The milk has reached the proper temperature when the pitcher is too hot to hold.
10) The milk foam is now ready.


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